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  Education Calculator

Education Calculator
Assumption of inflation rate to use:   %
Assumption of interest rate you receive on savings:   %
Details of the planned studies:    
Present cost pa for the intended course: R
Years / months before studies commence:  
Years Months
Duration of the course (years):   Years
Amount already saved towards this studies: R
The answer to your need to provide for education is:
The present value of the amount needed for studies is:
1) You can invest a lump sum now of: OR
2) You can start saving monthly (with CPI growth pa): pm
Education Calculator

Education Calculator

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Education calculator

The calculator calculates how much you must save to make your dreams for further studies of your loved ones a reality. Because inflation and interest rates can vary you must make an assumption of these important variants. You must also tell the calculator how much the current costs for a similar course is. Assuming the interest rate and the increase in the price of the costs for the course intend increase in line with the assumptions you make, you will have enough money for the planned course when the time arrives.

Complete to calculate your savings effort required for intended education:

Education Calculator Education Calculator Education Calculator Education Calculator Education Calculator Education Calculator


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