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   5 year investment plan

Investment plan(5 year).
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What is your risk profile?     Conservative investors prefer stability and would rather protect existing investments before attempting to increase the value of their investment.
        Cautious investors want to protect their capital but also want to increase the value of their investment.
        Moderate investors is long term investors that expects stable growth of their investment. Some fluctuations is acceptable but this investor don’t want to take to much risk.
        Moderate aggressive investors are long term investors that expect good growth on their investment and taking some risks is acceptable
        Aggressive investors are long term investors that expect good returns on their investment. Fluctuations is acceptable in return for higher longer term returns.
Investment plan(5 year).

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5 year investment plan

The 5 year investment plan is an investment solution for investors who are looking for tax free return after 5 years. At the big brand product providers we represent, this solution gives investors the opportunity to benefit from the potential growth in one or more of the leading investment funds while at the same time giving them the opportunity to get protection when equity markets are volatile by investing in one or more of the available guaranteed, type funds. The minimum once-off investment amount is normally around R 100 000. The minimum initial term is 5 years.

Features of a 5 year investment plan

Investing in 5 year investment plans of big brand product providers, brought to you by financial advisors found on this website, has a few common features. The features of a 5 year investment plan are: Age at entry Entry ages start from a minimum of age 1 next birthday right up to a maximum of age 90 next birthday. Initial one –off payment amount Although the minimum investment amount varies, the average minimum initial amount is around R 100 000. Cessions The investor may cede this plan. Initial term Normally 5 years and open-ended thereafter. This means that the fund value will not be paid out automatically after the initial term of 5 years has expired, but that the plan will continue until it is terminated by the investor or by us if this product is no longer available for new business. In the latter case the investor will be provided with the various options then available. Surrender, partial withdrawal and loan Subject to the conditions under Section 54 of the Long- term Insurance Act, the following apply during the initial period of 5 years: The surrender value or loan value is limited to the one-off payment amount(s) plus 5% interest compounded annually. The balance plus investment growth will be paid at the end of the restricted period of 5 years. Only one partial withdrawal and one loan are allowed. If a partial withdrawal has been made, the plan may not be terminated during the restricted period. Benefit payable at death Normally the benefit amount is equal to the fund value on the date that the company receives notice of the death of the (last surviving) life insured.   Taxability of benefits Gross investment returns are subject to life office taxation. The effective rate depends on the asset composition of the underlying investment funds. According to current practise the returns of the investment will not be taxable in the hands of the investor.

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5 Year Investment plan 5 Year Investment plan 5 Year Investment plan Investment plan(5 year).


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