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Investment Products

Investment Products

Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) Guaranteed Investment Plan 5 Year investment plan Unit trust linked investment plan

Tax-Free Savings Accounts

Most South Africans don’t save enough. You can secure your financial future by making smarter decisions today. If you start saving early, regularly and consistently, you can reach your investment goals through the various stages of your life. To date, the earnings from savings and investment products have been subject to tax. However, to encourage a culture of personal savings, Government has for the first time introduced tax-free savings accounts (TFSA). A tax-free savings account (TFSA) is a savings product that offers individuals tax savings benefits. If you choose to save through such a product, you benefit from not having your savings taxed!      

Guaranteed Investment Plan

A Traditional Guaranteed Product provides a guaranteed income and/or return. The guaranteed return and/or income you receive is dependant on the rate that the company is offering on the day you deposit the investment. The companies rates changes weekly and it is therefore important to find out which 'big brand' company is offering the best rate in the week that you are planning to invest. The guaranteed rate you receive is mostly dependant on the current interest rate environment and expected future rates.   

5 Year investment plan

The 5 year investment plan is an investment solution for investors who are looking for tax free return after 5 years. At the big brand product providers we represent, this solution gives investors the opportunity to benefit from the potential growth in one or more of the leading investment funds while at the same time giving them the opportunity to get protection when equity markets are volatile by investing in one or more of the available guaranteed, type funds. The minimum once-off investment amount is normally around R 100 000. The minimum initial term is 5 years.   

Unit trust linked investment plan

This flexible investments are for individuals, trusts and companies who want to invest in South African unit trust funds and shares. There is no minimum or maximum term but a term of at least 3 years is recommended to reduce the effect of short-term market changes. Your investment is flexible and you have easy access to your funds. Together with the online financial planner, you can tailor the Investment Plan according to your needs and risk profile.    
Investment Products Investment Products Investment Products Investment Products Investment Products Investment Products Investment Products


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